ECONOMICS graduate profile:Economics graduate has comprehensive economic knowledge and is prepared to work as an economist - specialist in the field of managing financial, human and material resources. It is prepared to analyze the available or created information supporting the making of rational decisions embedded in the canons of economic sciences. He is prepared to work in enterprises, organizations and public and non-governmental institutions. Has the necessary knowledge and skills to run a business independently. A graduate of the "foreign trade" specialization is also prepared to conduct commercial activities on foreign markets and to conduct commercial transactions in international trade, he understands financial phenomena on an international scale and the directions of development in the modern world economy. He is prepared to work in institutions and organizations of the broadly understood international trade and in enterprises developing foreign cooperation. A graduate of the "accounting and controlling" specialization has knowledge of financial accounting in terms of the National Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. Has the ability to prepare financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, financial flows, additional information) and to analyze them. It is prepared to keep records of the financial transactions of enterprises in accordance with the main principles of accounting. Has knowledge of organizing accounting in an economic entity, public and private institution. He can audit the proper functioning of the institution in terms of content and finance. is prepared to work as an accountant, accounting specialist, and audit specialist.

EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS: Graduates of the administration faculty have the opportunity to work, among others, in the civil service, government and local government administration, non-governmental institutions, cultural institutions, national institutions, political party bodies, enterprises cooperating with EU countries, special and private administration, as well as, after completing the teaching specialty, in education. Many companies, corporations and enterprises require well-trained office workers.

Profile of a graduate in ENGLISH philology: The The obtained qualifications will allow graduates to occupy the positions of: English teacher (when choosing a teaching specialization), translator, public translator or sworn translator after meeting the requirements set out in the Act on the profession of sworn translator, employee of foreign-language publishing houses, employee of cultural institutions, employee of universities and research institutions, employee of the sector of services requiring advanced English language skills (e.g. in the tourism industry).